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A fast, searchable database of all Students, Teachers and Modules. Find important information quickly. Keep it updated easily. This component is at the core of Aulano.

Lesson Scheduling

When a lesson is scheduled attendance records are created, public information displays updated and the calendar on the student portal is automatically updated to display this information.

Attendance System

Teachers and students can register their attendance during a scheduled lesson. Attendance can be taken by the teacher manually or an RFID card may be used with a public display. Attendance Reports are automatically generated for each student once the lesson is over.

Self-Service Student Portal

The zero maintenance student portal updates itself automatically based on active modules and scheduled lessons. An up-to-date Student Portal is always available providing the student's timetable, downloadable course material and much more.

Collabration Groups

When a module is created it is automatically assigned an email address. Teachers and students can instantly begin sending emails to each other inside these private email groups.

File Sharing

A school can instantly and safely share course material with their students. Students can send files back to their teachers.

Google Integration

If you are a Google Apps for Work, or Google Apps for Education user, you will be able to use your Apps account to seamlessly login to CloudSchool. You will also be able to schedule lessons using your Google Calendar.

Public Displays

Aulano will automatically update its public displays with relevant information. These are hardware devices which can display information about scheduled lessons, specific locations as well as integrate with the powerful attendance system with RFID support.