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Automate your school. Schedule lessons, take attendance and enhance communication for students, teachers and staff.

Main Features

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Powerful attendance

Teachers and students can register their attendance during a scheduled lesson. Attendance can be taken by the teacher manually or an RFID card may be used. Attendance Reports are automatically generated for each student once the lesson is over.

Public displays

Aulano will automatically update its public displays with relevant information. These are hardware devices which can display information about scheduled lessons, specific locations as well as integrate with the powerful attendance system with RFID support.

Student self-service portal

The zero maintenance student portal updates itself automatically based on active modules and scheduled lessons. An up-to-date Student Portal is always available providing the student's timetable, downloadable course material and much more.

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Aulano helps us schedule lessons, exams and assignment deadlines. These dates are available on a calendar which students can access from the portal. The same schedule is published to digital signage affixed to every classroom. Any changes to the events are automatically reflected everywhere.

— Middlesex University

I like the way Aulano does everything for us. At the beginning of the year I set up the lessons, their enrolled students and teachers. The rest runs by itself. Teachers and students collaborate using the portal and mailing lists which are automatically set up. Attendance taking is also automatic.

— STC Training

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